Women Silk Dress, Caftan Loungewear Dress, Loose Fit Dress

Hand dyed kaftan . This is a beautiful 100% silk kaftan dress in mesmerizing colors!
Very unique and handmade. We just can't make another one exactly like this even if we tried !

Beautifully embroidered neckline for that extra something ..

Item details
Handmade item
Size - One size fits most
Material - 100% Silk

Length 55 inches

Model's height : 5' 10"

Shibori silk long kaftan with v shaped neck. 'Very uniquely dyed o create a dual color effect. It is a rare but beautiful color combination. This caftan is a perfect addition to any women's wardrobe. Its exclusive and unique. It can be worn as a cover up, at the beach as well as a glamorous evening dress.

As handmade items are reclaimed as new embodiments of luxury, many of these old and sometimes forgotten techniques are being revived and popularised. Tie and dye is one such example. These techniques are popular not only among designers in India, but also with inte